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I’m James Bosworth (aka Boz). I’ve spent the past two decades researching and writing about politics, economics, security, and technology in emerging markets, and I’ve lived across Latin America in Chile, Nicaragua, Mexico and Colombia. I’ve been blogging about Latin America since 2004, tweeting since 2009 and sending this newsletter since 2018. In 2017, I founded Hxagon, a consulting firm that performs political risk analysis and bespoke investigations. I’m also a Superforecaster with Good Judgment Inc. and a weekly columnist at World Politics Review.

This newsletter began as a follow-up experiment to a project I completed tracking polling and politics during Mexico’s 2018 general election. The Latin America Risk Report still tracks elections, but the publication has expanded to cover security, economic, and political issues throughout the region. I also don’t produce this newsletter alone anymore. The Latin America Risk Report operates through Hxagon and counts on analysis and editing from the rest of the Hxagon team. 

For the moment, paid subscriptions have been turned off. Current paying subscribers are not being charged for additional monthly or annual subscriptions and continue to receive additional newsletters and have access to the archives.

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