About the Latin America Risk Report

This newsletter started as an experiment in late 2018, a followup to a project in which I tracked polling and politics during Mexico’s election. 

Beginning on 17 August, the Latin America Risk Report will publish free newsletters four days per week (Monday through Thursday) providing original reporting and analysis out of Latin America as well as links to other news, analysis and research.

If I’m giving all this content away for free, why should you pay to subscribe?

Paying subscribers help support the newsletter and receive additional reports on key issues related to security, politics and economics in Latin America. They have access to the archive of reports behind the paywall. They can help direct the content and ask me questions directly.

On top of my time, I pay freelance journalists and analysts in Latin America to help me research specific issues and better understand the situation in each country. I’d like to do more original reporting in this newsletter in the coming months and that costs money. I prefer the subscription model to a model based on advertisements, which is why I’m writing on Substack.  

I am giving all my current paying subscribers three months credit while I run this experiment. If you pay to subscribe before the end of September, I’ll give you three months of additional credit as well. Thanks to everyone who has supported this newsletter in the past and will support it in the future.

In a few months, I’ll go back to sending out some content exclusively to paying subscribers. At that time, I’ll encourage everyone to pay to subscribe, but will also continue to send one or two free newsletters per week. Until then, while I appreciate the support from anyone who chooses to pay, enjoy a few months of free content with no paywall.

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About Boz

I’m James Bosworth, aka Boz. I’ve been blogging about Latin America since 2004, tweeting since 2009 and sending this newsletter since November 2018. Among other professional things (here’s my LinkedIn), I’m the founder of Hxagon, LLC, a political risk consulting firm, and I’m a Superforecaster with Good Judgment Inc

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